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Prepare your test!

STUDIARE: per es. 1: le descrizioni dei mestieri sono nell’unità 8 del libro 2;

es. 2-6:pp. 22, 26, 27 (modalità di espressione di eventi futuri);

per es. 7: scheda delle abilità;

per es. 8: p. 21.

Tutti gli esercizi svolti in classe sono reperibili qui sotto.


  1. Police Officer          T                               a) person who drives a bus
  2. Cook                                                     b) person who teaches students
  3. Waiter                              c) person who makes and designs clothes
  4. Fashion designer                  d) works in a hospital and helps doctors
  5. Movie director                      e) person that can draw cartoons well
  6. Pilot            f) rescues people from burning buildings and helps put out fires
  7. Writer                                                g) person who drives a taxi
  8. Cartoonist                                       h) someone who can sing well
  9. Basketball player            i) works in a hospital and cures sick people
  1. Bus driver     j) flies an airplane
  2. Scientist k) person who acts in a movie
  3. Teacher l) does the cooking in a restaurant
  4. Journalist m) takes people’s orders in a restaurant and serves food
  5. Doctor     n) person who reports news on TV, radio or newspaper
  6. Nurse                o) someone who writes books and stories
  7. Farmer p) works in a laboratory and does experiments
  8. Actor q) someone who makes movies
  9. Firefighter r) person that can play basketball well
  10. Singer s) works on a farm and grows crops or looks after animals
  11. Taxi driver t) works in a police station and keeps people safe
  12. Mechanic                                 u) plays the piano well
  13. Engineer v) person in the army who wears a uniform and has a gun
  14. Pianist w) works in an animal hospital and looks after sick animals
  15. Soldier x) repairs machines and vehicles such as cars and buses
  16. Hairdresser y) someone who designs and constructs buildings
  17. Veterinarian      z) someone who cuts and styles hair

2) What are you going to do next weekend/next year/when you grow up? Why do you want to be……?


3  Scrivi le espressioni nel riquadro in ordine temporale.

  next month      next weekend     tomorrow morning

next week        tonight                        tomorrow night



1  ______________________      4  ______________________

2  ______________________      5  ______________________

3  ______________________          next year



4            Scrivi domande e risposte con going to.

è you/come/with us to the cinema? (û)
_Are you going to come with us to the cinema? No, I’m not._

1   Mike/visit/his grandparents next weekend? (ü)

2   what/Stevie/study at university? (Chemistry)

3   when/we/have a test? (on Thursday)

4   we/have/a competition this weekend? (û)


5 Completa le frasi con will o going to e i verbi tra  parentesi.

1 I think you                     (like) this film. It’s got Johnny Depp in it.

2 My brother                     (buy) a new car soon. He’s got a lot of money.

3 I                     (have) a party next Sunday. Are you coming?

4 Be careful with that ball! You                     (break) the window.

5 Are you watching The Voice? Do you think Max                     (win)?


be going to               predictions

6  Osserva le figure e completa le frasi con la forma giusta di be going to.

   she / win the race

   She isn’t going to win the race.                          

1  it / rain


2  they / go by bike


3  it / eat the fish


4 he / go to the concert



5  she / play basketball




8) Imagine the world in 100 years