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Comparisons – Keys

1    Completa la terza frase usando il comparativo di uguaglianza e gli aggettivi tra parentesi.


1 Jane is 1.30 m. Barry is 1.30 m. (tall)

Jane     is as tall as Barry                                                             .

2 My cat isn’t big. Her cat is big. (large)

My cat          isn’t as large as her cat                                                          .

3 I love their second film. I loved their first film. (good)

Their second film        is as good as the first                                           .

4 A few people like basketball. Lots of people like football. (popular)

Basketball          isn’t as popular   as football                                               .

5 Science is boring. Music isn’t boring. (interesting)

Science      isn’t as interesting ad Music                                                            .


2 Fai paragoni tra Mark e Sam usando il comparativo di maggioranza o di uguaglianza e gli aggettivi dati.

  Mark Sam
Age 15 12
Height 1.60 m 1.40 m
Weight 48 kg 48 kg
Shirt size M L
School results good Very good

       Sam is younger than Mark                                                         (young)

        Sam is shorter than Mark                                                        (short)

        Sam is as heavy as Mark                                                        (heavy)

    Mark is thinner than Sam                                                            (thin)

     Sam is better than Mark                                                           (good)

3    Usa le parole date per scrivere delle frasi. Usa il superlativo degli aggettivi del riquadro.

small     large     high     wide      old

1 the blue whale is the largest animal in the world

2 San Marino is the smallest republic in the world

3 Bologna University is the oldest university in Europe

4 Mount White is the highest mountain in Europe

5 Niagara falls are the widest waterfalls in America


4   Riscrivi le frasi usando not as … as.

1    ’Flu is worse than a cough.

__A cough is not as bad as a flu ________________________

2    Your DVDs are better than mine.

__my dvds are not as good as yours_______________________

3    A train is faster than a bicycle.

______a bicycle is not as fast as a train __________________

4    The Mediterranean diet is healthier than the British diet.

The British diet is not as healthy as the Mediterranean diet

5   Completa le frasi con il superlativo dell’aggettivo fra parentesi.

1   New York is ___the most exciting_______ __________ __________ town in the USA! (exciting)

2   She bought ____the most expensive______ __________ __________ clothes in the shop! (expensive)

3   Nicole has got ___the longest_______ __________ hair in the class. (long)

4   This is __the happiest________ __________ day of my life! (happy)

5   Which is ___the best_______ __________ month to visit Paris? (good)



6   Completa le frasi con la forma corretta dell’aggettivo fra parentesi.

1   A village is much __quieter________ than a city. (quiet)

2   Which is ___the most important_______ __________ __________ holiday in your country? (important)

3   My shoes were __cheaper________ than yours. (cheap)

4   English is ___more difficult_______ __________ than Spanish. (difficult)

5   He isn’t as ___clever_______ as Tony. (clever)

6   Dinner was OK, but breakfast was ___better_______. (good)

7   The Thames is ___the longest_______ __________ river in England. (long)


7  Scrivi il comparativo degli aggettivi.

1 bad   worse                  6 funny. Funnier

2 important     more important       7 excited more excited

3 bored    more bored              8 safe.  Safer

4 long    longer                9 expensive.  More expensive

5 young    younger           10 thin. Thinner


8 Scrivi il superlativo degli aggettivi.

1 old            the oldest               6 wide.  The widest

2 bad       the worst                   7 high.  The highest

3 intelligent       the most intelligent          8 quiet.  The quietest

4 hot          hottest                 9 beautiful.  The most beautiful

5 interesting      the most interesting        10 happy.  The happiest


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Etwinning schedule (classi seconde)

week task comic task screenplay
march, 12-18 individuazione personaggi; scrittura della storia; fumetti delle prime due tavole individuazione personaggi; scrittura delle storia; primi dialoghi
march, 19-25 divisione compiti: realizzazione grafica dei personaggi e scrittura di ulteriori dialoghi scrittura della prima parte della sceneggiatura
march, 26-31 storyboard completo (anche in italiano va bene); completamento della sceneggiatura (anche solamente in italiano)
april, 9-15 traduzione dei fumetti; realizzazione dei disegni traduzione sceneggiatura
april, 16-22 scrittura dei fumetti nei disegni divisione parti
april, 23-29 completamento drammatizzazione?
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Test preparation – Second


come, do, drink, drive, fall, get, give, go, have, meet, put, sing, speak, swim, take, travel, win, write.




1   Completa le frasi con i verbi elencati coniugati al  Past simple.

hate    play     travel     cook     watch

1   We __________ a thriller on my TV last night.

2   My parents __________ a lot when they were young, in North and South America.

3   I __________ broccoli when I was a kid but now I like them.

4   Ronnie and Katy __________ tennis 3 days ago.

5   My sister __________ dinner last night. It was disgusting.


2   Completa le frasi con i verbi elencati coniugati al  Past simple.

eat    be    buy    get up    travel

meet   stay    visit     write   take


Beth and Meg 1 __________ on holiday to France last year. They 2 __________ in B&Bs and 3 ______ late every morning. They 4 __________ museums and churches in the afternoons, and in the evenings they 5 __________ good food in taverns. On the last days they 6 __________ some funny souvenirs and 7 __________ twenty postcards. They _________8 nice boys and _________9 hundreds of photos.

It 10 __________ an amazing holiday.



3   Scrivi le domande per queste risposte.

1    _______________________________?

We went to Sicily for our holiday.

2    _______________________________?

Yes, we did. We had a great time!

3    _______________________________?

We went in June.

4    _______________________________?

It was warm and sunny.

5    _______________________________?

We went to the beach and visited the temples.








4   Riordina le domande.
Poi abbina le domande alle risposte (a–e).

last / mall / you / to / shopping / night? / Did / go / the

Did you go to the shopping mall last night? – f


1   mp3 player / listen / last / Paul/ to /Did / night? / his


2   play / When / did / last / volleyball? / you


3   they / the /Did /contest? / win


4   drink / apple? / last /When / you / did / an/juice


5   uncle’s? / present /you / for / Did / your / buy / a/birthday


a   Two days ago. It was delicious!

b   Yes, I did. I gave him a dictionary.

c   No, he didn’t. He went to bed very early because he was tired.

d   No, they didn’t. They ranked third.

e   Last weekend. And we won!

f    No, I didn’t. I stayed at home.


5   Completa il testo con il Past simple dei verbi tra parentesi. Scegli se usare la forma affermativa o negativa

Hi Rose,

Venice is a really interesting city.

We     went    (go) to the museum yesterday morning and then we 1_________  (eat) a delicious pizza for lunch.

I 2_________ (buy) a new pair of sunglasses but I 3_________ (wear) them because it was cloudy all day!
In the evening we 4_________ (meet) some Italian friends on the lido, but we 5_________ (swim) in the sea because the water 6_________ (be) too cold!.