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Revision for the entry test

Grammar reference; Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Irregular verbs

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Exercises for the entry test

1 Completa le frasi usando le parole nel riquadro.

è Hello! What’s _your_ name?

1 Holly and David are my friends. ___________ dad is a teacher at our school.

2 Kelly and ___________ brother are from Australia.

3 I’m French. ___________ family is from Marseilles.

4 This is Lenny’s cat. ___________ name is Tigger.

5 We are in class 10C. ___________ teacher is from Wales.


2 Completa le frasi con la forma negativa (û) o affermativa (ü) dei verbi nel riquadro.


èAlex _arrives_ at school at 8.30. (ü)

1 Nicky _________________ the piano. (û)

2 The teacher _________________ us homework. (ü)

3 We _________________ in France. (û)

4 Lucy _________________ a bike to school. (ü)

5 I _________________ at five o’clock. (û)


3  Completa le frasi con have o has.

1  I __________ got three dogs.

2  __________ you got a pen?

3  We __________ not got a DVD player.

4  __________ your brother got a computer?

5  My teacher __________ got a new car.


4 Metti le parole nell’ordine corretto.

1 day / I / school / at / start / eight / every.

2 always / book / She / nine / her / at / o’clock / reads.

3 music / go / We / lessons / usually / to.

4 homework / You / do / always / your.

5 concerts / in / never / sing / They.

5 Scrivi domande per queste risposte con What, Where, When,
What time o How often.

1 They watch TV in the evening.

2 She goes to bed at ten o’clock.

3 He studies French three times a week.

4 We play tennis in the park on Saturdays.

5 I go on holiday to France.


6 Completa il dialogo con il Present simple.

A (What / you / do) 1                         after school, Joe?

B I usually play computer games. I love them!

A (How often / you / play)  2              ?

B I (play)  3                          every night! My dad says they’re boring, but

I (not / listen)  4                          to him!

A (you / watch TV)  5                  , too?

B No,  6                        .

A (When / you / do)  7                          your homework?

B I usually (do)  8                         at breakfast time!

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Exercises for the entry test

Dear Mary
How are you. I (1)  (receive) your letter last week. Thank you for the recipe for the cake I (2)  (ask) for. I made it last week and it (3)  (be) very nice. I now (4)  (have) a new job in a supermarket in the city centre.I go there every day at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and (5)  (work) there till 10 o’clock in the evening. I am very happy because my sister (6)  (work) there too so we travel to and from work together. I (7)  (get) my first wages last week and I went shopping immediately! I (8)  (buy) a new stereo for my bedroom. It is gold and black and (9)  (look) very nice. My brother (10)  (come) to stay with me for a few days next week. He (11)  (arrive) on Saturday so I am going to collect him from the station. After I collect him, we are going to that Mexican restaurant near the park. (12)  (you/want?) to come with us? You can (13)  (call) me to tell me if you want to come or not. John told me that you (14)  (pass) your Spanish exam last month. Congratulations. (15)  (be?) difficult? You know that I (16)  (be) terrible at languages but you are better. (17)  (you/go?) to visit Spain for your next holiday so you can practice it?

Please write to me soon with all your news, Mary.                       All the best                     Sara.


  1. Can I talk to you? – No, you can´t. I ______________________ (have) a bath.
  2. She ______________________ (listen) to music every morning.
  3. We ______________________ (not/like) metal music, we ______________________ (prefer) rock.
  4. When he ______________________ (see) the accident yesterday, he ______________________ (help) the driver.
  5. What ______________________ (you/do)? – I ______________________  (look) for my glasses.
  6. They ______________________ (bring/always) presents when they ______________________  (visit) us.
  7. When we ______________________ (be) younger, we ______________________ (think) Prague was in France.
  8. He ______________________(not/win) the award in 2006.
  9. That´s typical! He ______________________ (want) to win every time he ______________________ (participate) in a competition.
  10. Why ______________________ (you/bring) that toy to school last week? – Because I ______________________ (want) to show it to my schoolmates.
  11. Be quiet, please. My children ______________________ (try) to sleep.
  12. They ______________________(not/go) to school at weekends.
  13. Why ______________________(you/believe) him? He ______________________(tell/never) the truth. He ______________________(lie/always).
  14. She ______________________ (decide) to visit London last month. She ______________________ (meet) interesting people, ______________________ (see) wonderful sights, and ______________________ (enjoy) herself a lot.
  15. Where ______________________ (she/be)? I ______________________ (wait) for her.
  16. ______________________ (they/know) that water ______________________ (boil) at 100 degrees Celsius?
  17. My parents ______________________ (build) the house in 1985.
  18. He ______________________ (not/marry) her because she ______________________ (break) up with him last year.
  19. Look at her! She ______________________ (sit) in the park over there. Isn´t she wonderful?
  20. ______________________ (he/like) the book he _____________________ (borrow) yesterday?