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Past simple

1    Completa le frasi con i verbi elencati coniugati al  Past simple.

eat    be    buy    get up    travel

meet   stay    visit     write   take


Beth and Meg 1 -_travelled_ on holiday to France last year. They 2 _stayed_ in B&Bs and 3 got up_ late every morning. They 4 _visited_ museums and churches in the afternoons, and in the evenings they 5 ate good food in taverns. On the last days they 6 bought some funny souvenirs and 7 wrote twenty postcards. They met nice boys and took hundreds of photos.

It 10 was an amazing holiday.



2   Scrivi le domande per queste risposte.

1    Where did you go on holiday?

We went to Sicily for our holiday.

2    Did you have a great time/enjoy it/like it?

Yes, we did. We had a great time!

3    When did you go there?

We went in June.

4    What was the weaTHER LIKE?

It was warm and sunny.

5    What did you do?

We went to the beach and visited the temples.


3   Riordina le domande.
Poi abbina le domande alle risposte (a–e).

last / mall / you / to / shopping / night? / Did / go / the

Did you go to the shopping mall last night? – f


1   mp3 player / listen / last / Paul/ to /Did / night? / his

Did PAUL listen to his mp3 player last night?

2   play / When / did / last / volleyball? / you

When did you last play volleyball?

3   they / the /Did /contest? / win

Did they win the contest?

4   drink / apple? / last /When / you / did / an/juice

When did you last drink an apple juice?

5   uncle’s? / present /you / for / Did / your / buy / a/birthday

Did you buy a present for your uncle’s birthday?

a   Two days ago. It was delicious!

b   Yes, I did. I gave him a dictionary.

c   No, he didn’t. He went to bed very early because he was tired.

d   No, they didn’t. They ranked third.

e   Last weekend. And we won!

f    No, I didn’t. I stayed at home.


4   Completa il testo con il Past simple dei verbi tra parentesi. Scegli se usare la forma affermativa o negativa

Hi Rose,

Venice is a really interesting city.

We     went    (go) to the museum yesterday morning and then we (ate) a delicious pizza for lunch.

I bought a new pair of sunglasses but I didn’t  wear them because it was cloudy all day!
In the evening we met some Italian friends on the lido, but we didn’t swimin the sea because the water 6_was_  too cold!.

Love                                                 Jake



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